Wheelbuilding n'at

Katharine just finished another great wheel build so I thought I would take this opportunity to share some of her work and advertise that we do offer custom wheel building services.  We can build with a wide range of hub, rim, and spoke brands.  We are a dealer for White Industries, Chris King,  DT Swiss, Wheelsmith, Sapim, Paul Components, and many more.  We have built wheels intended for many different applications from touring to racing to dirt jumping.  Check out some pictures below of some of our previous wheel builds.

I love pretty much everything about Katharine's latest build and would be proud to rock this wheel any of my applicable bikes.  This particular wheel was built using a H Plus Son Archetype rim in the hard anodization finish laced to a american made White Industries MI5 racer front hub.  The hub and rims were drilled for 32 spokes of which DT Swiss Competition 2.0/1.8 double butted silver spokes with silver brass nipple were used.

One of the great things about hand built wheels are the small touches and attention to detail.  While the outboard side of the hub flange is bevelled to allow the spoke head to seat flush the inboard side of the flange has no such bevel.  In these instances we like to use brass spoke washers to allow the spoke head a malleable seat as the washer bends to accept the spoke head.  This tight interface of the spoke head and flange drilling can lesses spoke fatigue and maximize even tension.

Notice the flat drilling for the spoke head.

Notice the flat drilling for the spoke head.

As mentioned earlier we do build race wheels.  Below you can find a picture of Katharine fitting a newly build Enve wheel to a custom Seven titanium road bicycle.  This particular wheelset was built with some of the highest zoot components available from American made Carbon rims to ultra light ceramic bearing DT Swiss Carbon Ceramic 180 hubs.


Cost for building a wheel is $50 Labor per wheel plus parts. If you read this and think you might want so wheels built feel free to call, email, or message us and we can discuss option.  Cheers!